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  1. Click Button "Open Comment" to Load Comments.
  2. Login / Register an account first, can use FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google.
  3. Include song identity details in the comments columnm (if the source is from youtube, please include the song link).
  4. Please Wait to upload the song you requested.
  5. We accept requests for FLAC, TV Size Anime or Instrumental songs.
  6. We will reply to your request comments, if the song you requested has finished uploading / cannot be uploaded.


  1. Klik Tombol "Open Comment" untuk Memuat Komentar.
  2. Login / Daftar akun terlebih dahulu, bisa menggunakan FB, Twitter, Disqus & Google.
  3. Cantumkan detail identitas lagu di kolom komentar (jika sumbernya dari youtube, sertakan link lagunya).
  4. Harap Tunggu untuk mengunggah lagu yang Anda minta.
  5. Kami menerima permintaan FLAC, TV Size Anime atau lagu Instrumental.
  6. Kami akan membalas komentar permintaan Anda, jika lagu yang Anda minta telah selesai diunggah / tidak dapat diunggah.
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