Pmarusama – Sunny!!
Pmarusama – Sunny!!

Pmarusama – Sunny!!

Pmarusama – Sunny!! P丸様。

 Track List :

01. ならばおさらば
Words & Music by 尾崎世界観 Arranged by キタニタツヤ
02. シャーベット
Words & Music & Arranged by ぷす (fromツユ)
03. Magical Word Prod.TeddyLoid
Words & Music & Arranged by TeddyLoid
04. Me
Words & Music & Arranged by ポリスピカデリー
05. メンタルチェンソー
Words & Music & Arranged by かいりきベア
06. シル・ヴ・プレジデント
Words & Arranged by ナナホシ管弦楽団 Music by 岩見陸
07. ガチやべぇじゃん feat.ななもり。
Guest Vocal:ななもり。
Words by 烏屋茶房 Music by 烏屋茶房・篠崎あやと Arranged by 篠崎あやと
08. 学園スペーシー
Words & Music & Arranged by ナユタン星人
09. いにしえロマンティック
Words & Music & Arranged by ナユタン星人
10. 侵略魔少女エルゼメキア
Words by 日野晃博 Music by 今泉吾弥
11. 木星のビート ver.P丸様。
Words & Music by ナユタン星人 Arranged by すずみとりあ
12. 命に嫌われている
Words & Music by カンザキイオリ Arranged by めんま
13. グリングリン
Words & Music & Arranged by 和田たけあき
14. 登録者いらん愛くれ
Words & Music by 大森靖子 Arranged by 大久保薫
15. とっても大好きっ!
Words & Music by の子 Arranged by 木村篤史(glasswerks)

Size : 135 MB

Info Track List :
Having over 1.51 million YouTube subscribers, multi-creator “P-Maru-sama. is making her CD debut! Her manga-style short animations, which she creates herself, including planning, scriptwriting, illustration, voice, and editing, have gained popularity on SNS, and her first official fan book, “Pimaru Bukku! became No. 1 in the Amazon and Rakuten book rankings, and is the talk of the town. Her memorable first full-length album “Sunny! was released by Nanamori. (Strawberry Prince), the “super singer” Seiko Omori, CreepHyp’s Sekaikan Ozaki (Vo./Gt.), who has been attracting attention not only as a musician but also as a writer

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Information :

  • Title: Pmarusama – Sunny!!
  • Artist: Pmarusama (P丸様。)
  • Album: Sunny!!
  • Type: Album
  • Category: Utaite
  • File Format: Mp3
  • Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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